Ściśle ograniczona pula biletów! Kup teraz w niższej cenie! KUP BILET
You will reach investors from Poland and abroad
You will acquire new franchisees
You will promote your product/service
You will take part in the promotional campaign
You will create a portable sales salon
Promote your company in the industry
You will build prestige and brand image
You will establish new business relationships
You will learn the opinions of customers

Choose open stand or booth

Introduce your company to the franchise catalog

and take part in the promotional campaign.


Lecture at the event,
Advertising spots during the event,
Advertisement in the franchise catalog,
Distribution of roll-ups and leaflets

This is only part of what we can offer you.

Choose one service or combine several forms with yourself.

Reach new audiences before the event.

Stand out among the competition.


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