Ściśle ograniczona pula biletów! Kup teraz w niższej cenie! KUP BILET

As everyone writes about their achievements, magnificence, and uniqueness, we will approach the subject differently. We are not the type of template employees who perform tasks from 9:00 to 17:00.

We finish work as our daily assumptions will be 100%. A young team full of interesting ideas, one hundred percent commitment and chemistry in the team activates the button for action.

This group is young blood full of creativity, persistence, determination, and professionalism. Fulfillment, satisfaction is the best emotions that we receive from our customers after the completed task.

IC EVENTS is the fastest growing organizer of the exhibition and conference in Poland.

What makes us stand out?
Comprehensive service ensuring the comfort of your work
Flexibility and individual approach, building tailor-made offers
A professional organization based on real customer needs
High standard and quality of services guaranteeing the effectiveness and expected outcome of the project
The ability to create an unforgettable atmosphere that builds an emotional bond
Knowledge and experience of being an effective and effective tool for building long-term loyalty relationships
Financial consultancy during project planning reducing the actual project implementation costs
A young and creative team guaranteeing successful cooperation