Żabka, eBay, Kaufland and I'GS In Good Strategy - the most important representatives of the industry visited Franczyza Expo

Only proven franchises, innovative business solutions and a certain future in terms of development - this was the sixth edition of Franczyza Expo. It took place on February 13-15, 2024 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Elavon, Zaufane.pl, I’GS In Good Strategy, Warsaw University of Technology. Faculty of Management, DEFRO, Żabka, CFY, Cukrem i Solą, CAFESŁODZIAK, Duży Ben, SEM House, Campery-Złotniccy, Fast Line Studio, Felix Chicken, School of Professionals, Eco Save Group, OEX, Selly, GetResponse, Rank Architects, Subway, eBay or STOKROTKA – among others, such exhibitors could be met during the sixth edition of Franczyza Expo. As you can see, it is a proven brand on a national and international scale, because this is what distinguishes the partners taking part in the events organized at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

The organizers are guided by this key because they want to guarantee visitors certain development prospects. This is especially important in the case of franchise models, which are proven systems for starting a business. During Franczyza Expo, participants could not only meet potential franchisors, but also get acquainted with experts in the field of licensing, investment financing, marketing and network sales, logistics in network business and supply chain, and in the field of technology and innovation (digital platforms, data analysis, artificial intelligence, automation).

In total, Franczyza Expo was attended by 3413 participants who learned about the offers and possibilities of 49 exhibitors.

Man, Organization and Technological Entrepreneurship in franchising, i.e. Conference & Workshop Franchise 2.0

During the event organized at Ptak Warsaw Expo, participants could take part in the Franchise 2.0 Conference & Workshop. The title of the meeting was “Man, Organization and Technological Entrepreneurship in Franchising”. The substantive organizer was Monika Ferreira I’GS In Good Strategy and the Faculty of Management of the Warsaw University of Technology.

Visitors could learn, among other things, how to use the cent strategy as a tool to build an effective franchise model, who can become a master franchisee and whether franchising can be a growth strategy for startups and scaleups, even technological ones. However, there were many more topics, as well as discussions with speakers and experts.

Thus, the participants learned about the most suitable franchise models and enriched their knowledge of the most important marketing and business issues. The success of this edition of Franczyza Expo and the satisfaction of visitors guarantee that another one will be held. More information coming soon!