Verified business at your fingertips. Franczyza EXPO coming soon

A stable and profitable business is every entrepreneur's dream. Only verified models and safe ways to succeed in the industry are offered by Franczyza EXPO, the fastest growing event dedicated to the franchise sector in Poland. It will be held on March 2-4, 2023 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

According to analytical data, the number of franchise brands in Poland has increased by more than 1,200 over the past twenty years, with the number of franchise outlets increasing eightfold during this time. This shows how popular this type of business model has become, and how strongly public confidence in it has grown.

Why has this happened? Because for many, relying on a stable business model that has proven itself and been profitable for previous years of operation in the market, is a safe alternative than creating an individual concept and taking the risks associated with possible perturbations and changes affecting consumers and the economy.

The best ideas, safe concepts and ready-made recipes for business success will be on display at the Franczyza EXPO, to be held March 2-4, 2023.

Franczyza EXPO figures

Franczyza EXPO is an event for those who are looking for new career paths and want to bet on certain solutions. It’s also an opportunity to analyze more than a dozen franchise sectors and select the best-fit concept among 150 opportunities. That’s how many franchise exhibitors are forecast to participate during the event. They will present their business ideas on 15 thousand square meters of exhibition space.

For exhibitors, in turn, this is a unique opportunity to reach people interested in investing in their business concept. During Franczyza EXPO, there will be no random people, which will translate into more dynamic business conversations and faster decisions to join a franchise. The projected number of visitors to the event is 10,000 people eager to find a tailor-made business.

Franczyza EXPO and education

Franczyza EXPO is an event where networking is at the forefront. However, education is also an important aspect, which will be realized through the conference “Franchising – the way to a safe business”.

During it, lectures will be given by industry experts. Andrzej Krawczyk – a partner at ARSS – will talk about how to develop companies through franchising. He will point out a long-term action for entrepreneurs planning or thinking about expanding their business. Maciej Tórz, CEO of Rentis, and Monika Dabrowska, CEO of POF, will in turn give a lecture on franchising today and tomorrow.

In addition, there will be a panel discussion with Monika Dabrowska (CEO of POF), Maciej Ptaszynski (PIH), Damian Ozga and Pawel Tracz of PSMiF on “Franchising – good business for difficult times. Education, development, entrepreneurship.” In addition, Barbara Baszak and Kacper Kazimierczak of Greenfields will talk about why Google Profiles are the most important source of customer acquisition for franchises and how to use them effectively.

Join the Franczyza EXPO today and choose a secure business for yourself!
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