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Grzegorz Turniak

„Networking is giving a chance to others.”

Grzegorz Turniak

How does it look like?

Imagine that you pick up the ID from the reception, turn away, get a welcome bag and at this moment a smiling man approaches you and greets you at the fair. Ask what you expect from the event, what and who interests you. Your answer and after a while, you will be presented to the person you are looking for.

Do you want to reach the investor? Are you looking for a specific type of person? Are you interested in the industry representative?

Grzegorz Turniak and the Recommendation Academy will help you make the first contact and introduce you to the right person. This is the easiest way to establish relationships.

You do not have to worry about lonely at the table. You do not have to wait for someone to be interested in you. Establishing relationships has never been easier.


Stanley Milgram in his experiment called "The World is Small" empirically confirmed the hypothesis that members of any large community can be linked through networks of indirect friends.

For example, the president separates us from the maximum

This means that thanks to the indirect relationships of people we know, we are able to reach everyone we would like to cooperate with.

Business networking during the Franchise Expo Fair will certainly open for you many possibilities of contacts and reaching even the most difficult customers.


Grzegorz Turniak - an indefatigable advocate of valuable ideas will watch over the smooth course of learning and deepening business relationships:

  • networking,
  • mingling,
  • talent and career management,

In February 2006 he founded and until December 2012 he was the president of the BNI Polska company.

He founded and ran with the Top Careers Club partners.

Previously, in his career, he served, among others functions of the President of Jobpilot Polska, HR Sector Sales Manager - SAP Polska, Managing Director - Neumann Management Institute, Director of the Polish International School of Management.


The partner of the networking during the Franchise Expo Fair is Akademia Rekomendacji

Akademia Rekomendacji