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Why is it worth taking part?

  • The most bothering questions relating to the franchise,
  • Proven methods of business management,
  • Solutions that fit the profile of the franchisee,
  • Ready-made recipes for business success,
  • Advice from experts who know everything about the franchise.


The franchise without secrets can only be known thanks to the Franchise EXPO and the Franchisees Debate. There will be no blinding. Instead, we offer a thorough review of the most important issues related to franchise - its greatest advantages, but also aspects that every entrepreneur planning to engage in this business method should be sensitive to. The meeting will be attended by experienced speakers who will indicate the best development paths on the example of case studies.


The Franchisees Debate is a NEW item at the Franchise EXPO trade fair. Thanks to this innovative form of education, we want to offer a space for discussion to every person interested in this business model. We are here to facilitate the activities of entrepreneurs and to connect entities in order to dynamise development. The debate platform will achieve it.