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Franchise Academy

Franchise Academy is an educational conference for franchisors and franchisees.

The conference is addressed both to franchisors who want to develop their network as well as to people who are interested in the franchise and would like to delve into the topic.

During the lecture, a case study from market leaders will be presented (including ARSS, Xtreme Fitness Gyms, RE / MAX). Expand your company and join the leaders!


The organizer reserves the right to change the conference program.

Assumptions for the franchise model and development forecasts for the Zdrowa Krowa brand
During the lecture, topics related to the franchise model, and the method of managing franchise restaurants will be discussed. Restaurants during a pandemic, trends in the gastronomic market, brand development forecasts, proven franchise model - these topics will be included during this speech
The topic will be announced soon
The topic will be announced soon
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