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Franchise 2.0. Workshop

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Franchise 2.0 Workshop is a one-day conference event that is part of a multi-directional event
a project on building successful franchise systems - Franchise 2.0.

The event is a response to the growing discussion about the problems of the franchise market. Franchise 2.0 Workshop is designed to connect the voices of all stakeholders and develop a common vision of what a safe collaborative space in a franchise should look like. Panel discussions are focused around three pillars of well-structured franchise systems: strategy, education, and technology.


Who do we invite to participate in the Conference Event?

  • Candidates for franchisees who want to understand the essence of the franchise and make an informed decision about entering this model of operation in the market.
  • Franchisers who want to show the structure and advancement of their franchise model in the strategic, operational and financial terms.
  • Franchisers, franchisees and franchise managers interested in developing their strategic thinking competences and operational efficiency by increasing the scale of their company.
  • Management boards of companies that are thinking about further development in the franchise model and building a franchise system in which the franchisor and the companies of its franchisees earn.

Participation in the Conference Event is free. We will open the possibility of subscribing to the stationary event for participants in mid-January.


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See you on March 5!