On February 13-14, 2024, the Franchise 2.0 Conference & Workshop will take place, accompanying the FRANCHISE EXPO at PTAK Warsaw Expo. The substantive organizer of the event is Monika Ferreira I’GS In Good Strategy, in collaboration with the Faculty of Management at the Warsaw University of Technology.

In partnership with PTAK Warsaw Expo, a market leader in trade events with a modern infrastructure and a network of market contacts, along with access to a database of franchisee candidates, we aim to amplify the message: Franchise 2.0 about good franchising and innovative solutions for the Franchise Innovation!

Human, Organization, and Technological Entrepreneurship in Franchising.

How to Compete Through Franchise Innovation, so Your Franchisee Can Confidently Say We’re Franchise 2.0! – That’s the theme of our event around which all presentations, panels, and workshops will be organized. – We’ll be examining the intersection of Leader’s Personal Transformation and Organizational Transformation in the journey of developing an effective System Innovation.

In 5 years, our biggest competitors will be companies that don’t even exist yet! It’s worth exploring new paths and competing through Franchise Innovation. This is competing at the level of the Franchise System!
Join us – Franchise 2.0 Conference & Workshop is your gateway to knowledge and innovation, enabling you to build resilient and winning Organizations 2.0.

11:00 - 11:30

Opening Keynote and Conversation with the Honorary Guest

Monika Ferreira, Founding Partner, Strategic Advisor, I’GS In Good Strategy, Franczyza 2.0

Keynote Topic: Human, Organization, Technological Entrepreneurship. How successful franchise networks like Franchise 2.0 build their Organizations and compete through Franchise Innovation. And why it's worth paying attention to them if you are looking for a franchise for yourself.

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11:40 - 12:40

Panel Discussion with Franchise CEOs and Stakeholders in the Franchise Ecosystem

Panel Moderation: Monika Ferreira, Founding Partner, Strategic Advisor, I’GS In Good Strategy, Franczyza 2.0

Panel Topic: Human, Organization, Technological Entrepreneurship – how to combine Leader's Personal Transformation in Franchising with the Transformation of the Franchise Organization, to build a good franchise, when AI changes everything? Can networks compete today through Franchise Innovation?


  • Piotr Bruździak, Country Manager Subway,
  • Wojtek Kiestrzyń CEO Sklepy Komfort S.A.,
  • Wojciech Skoczylas, CEO North Food,
  • Dr Cezary Wosiński, CEO Soward Franczyzy Edukacyjne,
  • Dr Maciej Kraus, Partner VC Movens Capital

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12:50 - 13:10

Keynote dr Maciej Kraus, Partner w VC Movens Capital, Stanford Guest Lecturer

Keynote Topic: How to leverage a centric strategy as a tool for building an effective franchise model? – Explore how Franchisor and Franchisee can balance profit and business growth through sound pricing strategies!

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13:20 - 13:50

Keynote and Announcement of a Strategic Project supporting the franchise market in 2024

Dr. Eng. Eryk Głodziński, Prof. at the University, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Management at the Warsaw University of Technology

Keynote Topic: Transformational Education in Franchising for Leaders, Managers, and Franchisees. How to develop Human, Organization, and Technological Entrepreneurship in the network to create sustainable, growing franchise businesses on both the Franchisor and Franchisee sides?

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14:00 - 14:50

Panel Discussion with the participation of Franchisees and Franchisors of selected Franchise Brands

Co-Moderators of the Panel: Dr. Eng. Eryk Głodziński, Prof. at the University, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Management at the Warsaw University of Technology, and Magdalena Jabłońska, CEO of StartSmart CEE Accelerator

Panel Topic: On intentional education in franchising. Why is it important for a franchise network to have a developed education model for Franchisees in the areas of management skills and entrepreneurship that supports both business goals and personal development goals within the network?


  • Małgorzata Kalinowska – Klimek, VP Franchise Operations CEE Accor,
  • Michał Ciesielski, Director of Franchise Network MOL Poland,
  • Wojciech Doniec, Operations Director, Sklepy Komfort S.A.,
  • Przemysław Feliga, Head of ESG OTCF S.A. Brand 4F,
  • Maciej Jędrzejak, PhD, Chief Franchise Officer Subway Poland

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15:00 - 15:40

Panel Discussion featuring Olivier Guerreiro, CEO of Franchise World Link. Connecting Franchise Entrepreneurs.

Moderator: Monika Ferreira, Founding Partner, Strategic Advisor, I’GS In Good Strategy, Franczyza 2.0

2 Master Franchisees and 2 Master Franchisors developing the master franchise

Panel Topic: Master Franchise is a good way for a global growth strategy today. Who can become a master franchisee? (Panel in English, with online translation to Polish)

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15:50 - 16:30

Panel discussion Franchising as a tool on the path to growth

Przemek Pohrybieniuk, Managing Partner ImpactAngels.PL

Panel topic: Franchising as a tool on the path to growth - Can franchising be a way to a growth strategy for startups and scaleups, even technology ones?

Panel participants: Tomasz Poninski, VC Partner Movens Capital, Marcin Kubik, CEO of Expandeo, Joanna Roszkowska, President of Thinking Zone Foundation, Marcin Łojewski, CEO of Bike Cafe, Michał Ratajczak, CEO & Co-Founder Gridaly

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16:40 - 17:00

Closing Keynote

Monika Ferreira, Founding Partner, Strategic Advisor, I’GS In Good Strategy, Franchise 2.0, Dr. Eng. Eryk Głodziński, Prof. at the University, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Management at the Warsaw University of Technology

Keynote Topic: My Franchise 2.0? As a Candidate, how do you choose a good franchise for yourself, so that when you operate in a network, you can say My Franchise 2.0 without hesitation, with a sense of integration and pride?

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learning & community experience

Development Workshops for Franchisees, Franchisee Candidates, and Franchisors.

11:00 - 12:30

Workshops for Franchisees and Franchisee Candidates: How to Choose the Right Franchise for You?

When you, as a Franchisee Candidate, want to understand, choose, and tailor a franchise for yourself, seek assistance and explore tools that will help you understand which franchises on the market will meet your ambitions, life goals, and financial objectives. Choose a franchise that allows you to develop entrepreneurially, fulfill yourself personally, build a personal brand as a local entrepreneur, and grow profitably as a business! During the workshops, we will present a 5-stage process on the road to the franchise We Franchise 2.0 – My Franchisee Journey: (1) Preparation (2) Understanding (3) Choice (4) Development (5) Execution.

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12:45 - 13:45

Workshops for Franchisors and Entrepreneurs who want to build a Franchise: How to build a good franchise that can compete in the conditions of the new economy and constant changes, when AI changes everything?

When you, as a Franchisor, want to build a sustainable and profitable franchise, enter the development path according to the Franchise 2.0 franchise system building model. During the workshops, we will present 4 perspectives on franchising: the franchise model, legal, financial, and growth and scalability. You need to know that franchising is not just a franchise agreement, but above all, a developed franchising organization system. The key to it is a repeatable operational model: the structure and roles, processes, priority planning, knowledge transfer, daily support, continuous learning, access to data, technology, tools, metrics, decision-making, culture, and behavior.

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14:00 - 15:30

Workshops for Franchisees who want to get inspired (and then possibly embark) on the path of developing their Franchise 2.0 Organization.

As a Franchisee, strive for the development of managerial competencies and build a locally growing Organization 2.0 that is profitable. Discover key areas of your business growth: technological entrepreneurship, operational management, financial management, organizational culture development, and leadership skills. Develop as a Franchisee 2.0, who consistently has a growth mindset, is entrepreneurial, is a leader in local business, but at the same time maximizes the quality of life, maintains a balance of professional, physical, financial, and social well-being, and realizes their dreams and higher purpose. During the workshops, we will show you the path to achieving this in franchising.

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Organizer reserves the right to change the agenda. For more details regarding the agenda, please visit the website https://ingoodstrategy.com/franczyza-expo-2024/